Sunday, March 23, 2008

Frida Kahlo - Women's History Month

Definitely no surprise here! Frida Kahlo is our honoree for today!

Frida Kahlo's (July 6, 1907-July 13, 1954) work has brought her recognition as Mexico's greatest woman artist. In Mexico, she is the greatest artist that has ever lived. Kahlo's art is often described as fierce, intense, honest, and original. Her art is unique because she often makes her the primary subject of her work --she paints images of herself. She paints self-portraits" because she claims to always be alone and because she is the person that she knows the best.

Kahlo's accident in 1925 is worldy known --she was riding on a school bus when a trolly collided into it and caused an accident. Everyone was harmed, especially her; Frida suffered a broken spinal column, broken collarbone, ribs, pelvis, eleven fractures in her right leg, crushed and dislocated right foot, and shoulder. She also suffered a damaged abdomen and uterus from an iron handrail that pierced through her body.

Frida couldn't do anything in bed but create art, which is what she did. She eventually had the ability to walk, however she was in pain for the remaining years of her life.

By painting these self-portraits, it allowed Frida to confront her pain and to deal with the reality that she is going through. Frida never painted any of her dreams, she always painted her own reality and it's proven that her painting reveal a truth about her life, experiences, and emotions.

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