Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Brother for the Big Sisters

If you happened to have grown up in the skate culture scene (photographers, designers, musicians, marketers, fashionistas), you probably came across a disgusting magazine called Big Brother. Actually, it wasn't really disgusting, although it was "bro" centric (um, hello it's about skateboarding - not knocking the ladies, just sayin' it's a pretty male dominated sport), it was sooo over the top and subversive taking cues from the anarchist cookbook to the beefing up of the already existing cornbeef in the world of skateboarding (we're talking pre-JackAss here folks).

Happy to say Big Brother is back after a four year hiatus. Any form of media that can seriously make fun of itself and culture is welcome amongst a sea of many that need to know it's cool to have a real edge.

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