Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let Me Upgrade You

Like eight tracks were replaced by cassettes, CDs and the now ubiquitous MP3s, the DVD format is getting ready to go out of style. Blu-Ray has just been officially confirmed as the next-generation, high definition disc of choice. Most forward-thinking consumers traded in their tube TV’s for HD sets a long time ago and for good reason. Those of you who've watched television or movies in HD know that the regular TV experience just doesn’t cut it. Case in point, one of my favorite shows of last year: Discovery HD’s Planet Earth.

For a while now, Blu-Ray (made by Sony) and rival HD-DVD (made by Toshiba) have been battling it out to see which disc would prevail and lead us into the future. Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Lionsgate, Best Buy and most recently Wal-Mart have lent their support to Blu-Ray leaving Toshiba no choice but to recently recognize that it’s lost the war. What this means for us is a lot more HD to come and interactivity like we’ve never seen before.

The predominant Blu-Ray player right now is the Sony PS3 game console which, besides looking incredibly sexy, connects to the internet and your TV. Expect forthcoming Blu-Ray discs to include features that will connect you straight from the disc to downloadable content, games, social networks and fan communities that are all online. Get ready to start tossing out those DVDs and get geared up for the future!

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