Friday, January 18, 2008

Numero# @ The Knitting Factory!!!!!

Numero#, like the number one musicians to keep in your radar in 2008, are coming straight from Montreal to the Knitting Factory in NYC on 1/21/08! These electrifying, take it with a grain of salt and dance your ass off pop music crowd pleasers are gracing The States with the most outrageously guilt free pop music (perhaps the that certain je n'sais quo adds to their charm either way production is simple yet genius)

Check them out on 1/21/08 along with DJ set from LL's own Miss Jubilee M.A.!

Free admission via

Check out this small excerpt from the Montreal Mirror and you'll get the gist

“We share a love of pop,” says Rocipon. “It’s true that Pierre has a trip hop background, and likes listening to current pop production, to analyze it. But there’s certainly no critique, no investigation of anything—because everyone knows it’s artificial. It’s more that we use pop as a medium for making ourselves laugh. What we found funny was inventing pop star personas when we aren’t pop stars.

“We also wanted to show something to our generation—that it’s not that complicated. We don’t have the big, sick production, but overall, a pop project, finally, isn’t as inaccessible as all that. We wanted to show that two very ordinary people can arrive with a formula, with rather disposable pop songs, and make it work.”


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