Thursday, December 13, 2007

Handbag Heaven!!!


We face a common conundrum, which is finding the prefect bag! The handbag of your dreams is such a personal choice to make and such a commitment for most. One minute detail of a lovely handbag can completely sway you against being head over heels. With a bag being such a strong representation of your taste as well as the embodiment of your lifestyle, no wonder some many of us spend endless hours on handbag hesitation...

Good news, there is cure for the prefect bag strife and its called Handbag Lab!

Handbag Lab is a new LA based company founded by Amy Grabisch and Claudio Maike, where you can easily customized every detail of your leather bag via their website

Not only is it super easy to use with a variety of different materials to choose from, but once you finalize customization your bag is promptly produced and delivered to your door in 3-4 weeks!

Handbag Lab is on to something here! Check em out and express yourself....

For more information, contact Amy Grabisch (

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