Friday, November 16, 2007

Shop Well With You

Ladies Lotto's own Emily Spivak founded Shop Well With You. (SWY) A website dedicated to helping cancer survivors with the SWY therapeutic shopping guide!

Shop Well with You (SWY) is a not-for-profit organization and body-image resource for women surviving cancer, their caregivers and healthcare providers. Through its website,, SWY focuses on helping female cancer survivors improve their self-image and quality of life by using clothing as a wellness tool. On SWY's website, you can find:

* Customized clothing tips arranged by cancer-related treatments and side-effects,
* A directory of cancer-specific products such as swimsuits and head coverings as well as where these items can be located,
* Guidance on how to use clothing and accessories to maintain a positive body-image during and after treatment, and
* Articles and books focused on body-image, clothing, cancer, and wellness.

Founder Emily Spivack was inspired to start the program after she observed the changes that occurred to her mother’s body as she underwent cancer treatment and clothing’s positive impact upon her well-being as she survived five bouts of cancer. Since the program launched in 2001, SWY has assisted thousands of women with cancer nationwide. The organization has received recognition for its accomplishments in publications such as Lucky, Glamour, and Real Simple among others.

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