Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Group Listing starting October 1st!

Ladies -

Welcome to the new Ladies Lotto list! Because of the overwhelming success of Ladies Lotto, a group list switch was wise in order to facilitate our growth.

On this group list ( you find easier access to member list, more reliable receipt of emails and pages of content that help you in your personal and professional lives. I invite you to all contribute and discuss in the group! You must add the group and wait for approval.

You will find pages such as the following. Please feel free to contribute to them!

What is Ladies Lotto?
Chapter Team Descriptions
How Do I Get Involved?
LA Chapter Membership List
LA Restaurants - Your Recommendations
Ladies in Advertising
Ladies in Fashion
Ladies in Film/TV
Ladies in Finance
Ladies in Journalism
Ladies in Law
Ladies in Marketing
Ladies in Music
Ladies in Non-Profit
Ladies in Public Relations
Ladies in Publishing
Ladies in Real Estate
Ladies in the Arts
Ladies in Education
Montreal Chapter Membership List
MTL Restaurants - Your Recommendations
New York Chapter Membership List
Non-Profits We Like
NYC Restaurants - Your Recommendations
Who's in Charge Here?

See ya online!

Natalie Blacker | Ladies Lotto | Director / Founder | |

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