Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Every Farm Aid produces a program book that is made availableto concertgoers. In addition to artist profiles and concert info, the program book contains lots of information and ideas that encourageconcertgoers to support local farmers, etc...This year, as part of Farm Aid's "homegrown" festival and messaging, they are inviting a broad range of people contribute a very brief commentabout what "homegrown" means to them. Farm Aid will assemble a number of these comments, with the attribution of its author, in a two-pagespread in this year's program book.

Call To Action would like to ask you to submit a one-to-three sentence response to the following question: What does "homegrown" mean to you? Being awide open question, varied responses are encouraged.


Mark Smith

Campaign Director


11 Ward Street, Suite 200

Somerville MA 02143

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