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Herbal Remedies for Dark Circles Under the Eyes


Dark circles under eyes are a common beauty problem. These under eye dark
circles give us an appearance of tiredness or illness. They make us to feel
worse and are rather detrimental to our self esteem.


There are various reasons which cause dark circles. Few of them have been
listed below.


The thinness of under eye skin is a hereditary character. The thin under eye
skin reveals dark veins underneath and appears as dark circles under eyes.

*Lack of Sleep and Fatigue:*

Partying all night, lack of sleep, fatigue, sinus infections, pregnancy all
these may cause paleness of skin. Pale skin makes blood vessels to appear
prominently and give an appearance of dark circles.

*Structure of Bone:*

Eyes set deep in skull bones may develop ark shadow under them.

*Exposure to Sunlight:*

Exposure to sun light increases the level of pigmentation and cause tanning.
Same thing applies well for the skin under eyes. When skin under eyes gets
exposed to sun it tans and appears dark.


Medications which cause dilation of blood vessels cause dark circles under
eyes. Dilated blood vessels allow more blood to flow through them and these
blood vessels look prominent through under eye skin which is very thin.


Poor nutrition leads to paleness of skin under eyes. Lack of essential
nutrients in diet or poor diet causes discoloration of under eye skin.

*Hormonal Imbalance:*

Hormonal Imbalance during pregnancy, menstruation, menopause etc cause
paleness of skin and this leads to appearance of dark circles under eyes.


As we grow old the skin under eyes become more dry and wrinkled. The
wrinkled skin below eyes appears as dark circles around eyes.


* Make a paste from a teaspoon of tomato juice, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, a
pinch of turmeric powder and a pinch of gram flour. Apply under eyes for 10

* Grate some cucumber and freeze in an ice tray. Massage frozen cucumber
cubes onto eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

* Apply cotton balls soaked in cucumber juice or potato juice around the

* Add some mint leaves, lemon juice, and salt to tomato juice and drink.

* Make an eye wash from eyebright, goldenseal, strawberry leaf, or witch
hazel tea to relieve irritation.

* Take B-complex and cod liver oil to increase eyesight.

* Soak a cloth in hyssop or witch hazel tea and apply to a black eye to
reduce swelling.

* Soak a cloth in hyssop or witch hazel tea and apply to a black eye to
reduce swelling.

* Apply vitamin E oil around eyes to relieve puffiness.

* For irritation or dark circles under eyes, place a thin slice of cucumber
over each eye for half an hour.


1. Concealing the dark circles around eyes through make up techniques.

2. Avoiding use of bleach or peels to make the dark circles around eyes

3. Treat the cause of illness mentioned above.

4. Sleep for sufficiently long hours to prevent formation of dark circles
under eyes.
5. Do not scratch the under eye skin.

6. Diet, which is rich in nutrients helps to remove dark circles around

7. Lightly tap the under eye skin with one or two fingers to

8. Increase the blood circulation.


Accumulation of toxins in body cause dark circles. The ayurveda treatment
for dark circle consists of two steps.

1. Body detoxification.

2. Skin rejuvenation.


1. Grate cucumber and squeeze fresh juice out of gratings. Dip two cotton
balls in it and keep these cotton balls on eyes. This relaxes eyes and
relieves tiredness of eyes. Considered as the best remedy for under eye dark

2. The above process has been found to be effective when done using potato.

3. Apply a paste of lemon juice, tomato puree, orange lentil flour (masoor
dal) and turmeric powder (if you are not allergic to it) on under eye dark
circles. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off.

4. Drink plenty of water (more than 15 glasses)

5. Eat fresh fruits, green vegetables which are rich in fiber.

6. Sleep well at least for 7-8 hrs daily.

7. Reduce stress levels by practicing yoga and meditation. Pranayama reduces
dark circles and increases glow of skin.

8. Avoid sweets and chocolates.

9. Dip two cotton balls in rose water and place them on the eyes, covering
dark circles.

10. Keep thin cold cucumber slices on eyes when the eyes are too tiered.

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Linda said...

That's really good information! Thank you! I have some ideas for eliminating dark circles under eyes as well. You may check them!

Body Odor Cure said...

Eat a balanced diet. Make a conscious effort to include every nutrient in your food, in one form or the other. Iron rich diet is a must. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.