Friday, July 27, 2007

Blood Is The New Black Is Here!

Blood Is The New Black is the art gallery of t-shirt lines. Visionaire and curator Mitra Khayyam, launched the line back in 2004 and has been enjoying the fruits of her bloody labor as she launches yet another collection for Fall 07. This collection features over 50 new designs for guys and girls from housewares to t-shirts to accessories. Mitra’s objective was to leverage new and emerging artist by showcasing their works on wearable pieces of art. In turn introducing and bringing awareness of these artists to the fashion conscious masses.

Fall ’07 artists include Dan Monick, whose photographs have been featured in Arkitip, Spin, Paper, and Vice; Travis Millard of Fudge Factory Comics; Porous Walker, a member of Francis Ford Coppola’s creative team; Tiffany Malakooti, who’s collaborated with the likes of Tokion and 2K; and Jeremy Relph who has written for Vice, Urb, Mean, and just wrapped up his first novel Pussy Feen: A Love Movement. The line also features designs by Keren Richter, Milano Chow, Patrick Jilbert, Andrea Shear, and Steve Green.

For additional information on Blood is the New Black’s Fall ’07 collection contact Mitra Khayyam (213-559-0740/ or visit

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